Job opportunities

As a home educating parent, carer or home educated young person, are you starting to think about the world of work? Job hunting or will be soon?

Learning about the different types of local and national jobs will help you to understand what opportunities are available to you and how you can take advantage of them.

If you are already in a job, the current jobs market can give you some insight into how you might be able to grow in your career, what opportunities are available to you, and how. You can decide things like:

  • Are there job opportunities for me where I live, or do I need to consider relocating for the career I want?
  • Does the pay for my dream career align with how much I would like to earn? If not, am I okay with that?
  • How long will it take me to rise through the ranks in my career to my desired position, and am I willing to do the work to get there?
  • How competitive is my industry choice? Do I have a backup plan if it doesn’t work out in the way I want it to?
  • Is college, university or an apprenticeship the best step, or is working my way up from an entry level job the right path for me?

What is LMI and why is it helpful for home educators?

LMI stands for Labour Market Information. In short, it refers to any relevant information about the current state of the jobs market.

LMI can include information like:

  • The industries and businesses that operate in your area and further afield. How many of those jobs are there?
  • The types of jobs that exist and what they involve
  • The skills that are currently or will be in high demand. What qualifications may I need?
  • Commute and travel to work patterns. What hours or days could I work?
  • Typical rates of pay for the job
  • Career progression opportunities

Any Questions? See Careerspilot for more information.